July 13, 2009

Introduction to the Family

Serena made a short visit to my suburban back yard two days ago and I can't resist sharing these photos of her checking out the hammock, making my mother-in-law smile, and hamming it up with my grandaughter. Serena really wanted to play with my dog, but Abby was not interested and kept running under my chair to hide. It's also fun to take Serena in the van - she loves to walk from side to side looking out the window. It's even more fun to watch people look back at her!

Shocking news today: I was amazed to learn that some ill-informed family members can't tell the difference between a beautiful alpaca like Serena, and one of these.....

...but it's true. Fortunately, this blog exists to enlighten them. I won't mention any names - you know who you are.

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