July 19, 2009

Look at This!

Serena's fleece has been turned into yarn. Isn't it beautiful? What should I have made with it? This photo doesn't do it justice - it's really more of a champagne colour. Imagine - it went from raw fleece to roving to yarn. Now I have to find a pattern and a knitter.....any suggestions would be welcome!

Thanks to the wonderful Heather and Norris at Edy's Mills Fine Fibre in Petrolia (http://www.alpacascanada.com/alpaca.fibre.mill.html) - what a great job they did!


  1. you could knit something for your sister

  2. If I could knit, sure.

  3. Aaron's mom is quite the knitter. I'm pretty sure she has also made up some of her own patterns. So if you have an idea for something she might be able to figure out a pattern for it.


  4. Thanks Lisa - I might take her up on it after the summer.