May 11, 2009

Celebrating Mother's Day with Serena

Serena made her first visit to our house on Saturday. I had invited my sister and parents for a Mother's Day barbeque and wanted to surprise them. Greg and I drove up to get her, popped her in the van and she very gracefully emerged from it onto our front lawn. My parents were rather dumbfounded and the neighbours were entranced. Here she is with my father and my sister:
Unfortunately, it rained and we couldn't stay outside with her for very long. But she made herself comfortable and Abby paid her a visit.

I was surprised at how calm she was - just like her name: serene and placid. She didn't even pee or poo while she was with us - but I'm pretty sure her legs were tightly crossed on the trip home, as the first thing she did after jumping out of the van, was scurry over to the poo pile for some relief!

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