April 11, 2009


Plan B began when I met Nancy Hutchinson of Spinning Wheels Alpacas (http://www.spinningwheelalpacas.com/) who has the kind of relationship with her alpacas that I dreamed of having. Nancy also has Ozzy, and Ozzy (above photo) is a therapy alpaca. When I learned what could be done with these wonderful animals, I decided to search for one that had the right history and personality and that I could train to be a visiting alpaca to schools, nursing homes, etc. In February I got an email from Nancy saying that she and her husband, Garth had rescued about a dozen alpacas from neglect and there was a little girl who had a very placid, calm demeanor. She was only 4 months old and the only baby in the herd. When Nancy said the little one needed a name, I suggested "Serena".
Did I want my own alpaca? Yes. Could I afford one? Well - maybe. Alpacas can be very expensive, but Nancy explained that since Serena wasn't registered and couldn't be bred I could have her for a price I could afford.
The next step was finding a place to board Serena. It had to be close to my home, as I wanted to be able to spend a lot of time bonding and training (and visiting and playing and hanging). Nancy again came to the resuce. She told me about a new alpaca farm that was only 30 minutes away from me and said she would contact them to see if they would meet me. The plan was coming together.

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