April 8, 2009

Hanging With the Herd

In December I met Dawn, who manages a 600-acre estate and alpaca farm (http://quarryhillfarms.ca/). Dawn is a woman with lots of vision for the future of her alpaca herd and she kindly offered to let me come to the farm on weekends and learn what I could about alpacas.
At first I just wanted to sit on a bale of hay in the sunshine and watch them, but soon I was interacting and discovering different personalities and learning how I should behave around them.
I found out that Rumanie loves carrots, that Brown Sugar would always greet me with kisses, that Raven didn't like me, and that Taylor, who is a very large llama (see photo above), loves it when I scratch his neck.
During this time I learned three important things: 1) my husband was not interested in alpaca farming; 2) my husband did not want to have an alpaca farm; 3) there was no way in hell I was going to have an alpaca farm.
Time for plan B.

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