November 3, 2010

They Say All Leashed Pets are Welcome!

I like to take Serena to alpaca-friendly places that are a bit out of her comfort zone.  In this way she gets used to situations that may come up when I take her off the farm for our regular nursing home visits.

A discussion this week on Alpaca Nation's forum gave me the idea of bringing her to the local Pet Smart and once I mentioned it to Sharon, she was excited to come with me.  We dropped in unannounced in the afternoon on Halloween Sunday.  The store was busier than it looks in these photos and, as usual Serena was a magnet for people with cameras.  She was very interested in all of the dogs that were in the store - especially the ones at the doggie day care.

I really like this picture since it shows everything from Serena's perspective:

Look at the little puppy hiding behind the lady's legs: 

We didn't have a Halloween costume for Serena but decided to decorate her with a Fall motif: 

This is the doggie day care.  There were about a dozen dogs romping around and Serena was mesmerized - the floor to ceiling glass windows allowed us to see all the dogs and they were having so much fun, I wouldn't mind spending the afternoon in there with them myself:

There were no more Halloween pet costumes left, but Sharon found this beautiful collar that fit Serena perfectly.  We can't wait to come back for Christmas shopping: 
Thanks to Pet Smart and their very welcoming staff!

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