November 1, 2010

Knitting Serena

At one time clothing created with alpaca was restricted for use by royalty. It was known as "the fibre of the gods".  When my knitting obsession began 10 months ago, I was not willing to risk making mistakes with 100% alpaca yarn and stuck to acrylics and mixed blends.

As I become a more confident knitter I have been working with some of the yarn produced by the mill at "Alpacas From Eighth and Mud".  John has become a real spinning artist and anyone interested in yarns that are beautiful, unusual and lovely to knit with should check out their store.  I know they've been working extra hard to have lots of yarn ready for the Christmas time knitters.

Anyway, I found a little skein of yarn that was made from Serena's first coat - her baby fibre - and knit up a pretty little scarf (for me).  I thought it would be interesting for Serena to see it for herself:

When you see it up close it looks much darker than her outer fleece, but it's true to the colour right up against her skin.  Hmmm, do you think it looks better on me or her?

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