November 26, 2010

Alpacas and The Royal (part two)

Alpaca Ontario relies on it's member volunteers to man the booth at the various events it participates in throughout the year.  Visitors learn a lot about alpacas and most of the questions we get are thoughtful, intelligent and friendly.  We share experiences, insights and information with many people who are preparing to operate their own alpaca farm.

We also meet students who have been assigned essays on alpacas and llamas, artists who stop by the booth to sketch the alpacas, knitters who want to know where they can buy good quality alpaca yarn, and seniors (my favourite) who share memories of farms they grew up on or visited as children.

Here's Bota taking a look at the competition:

 By the end of the day it gets very warm in the buildings and the alpacas curl their bodies in such a way so as to expose their bellies which helps to cool them off.

Andrew and Lorraine Taylor were a fount of information to people interested in alpaca farming - and a lot of fun to spend the day with.

 We see a lot of students from local art schools who enjoy sketching the alpacas:

I was so envious of Lorraine's knitting - she completed this beautiful hat in about 4 hours.   I knit 6 inches of a scarf (straight garter stitch) in about 6 hours then decided to count my stitches and found I'd added 3!!!!   I was so discouraged I ripped it all out and put it away for when I got home.  I never have been very good at multi-tasking....

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