April 12, 2010

Herc's Escape Attempt

Alpaca Ontario (http://www.alpacaontario.ca/) held its 9th annual Show this past weekend.  Over 400 alpacas were registered on Friday and the show began on Saturday morning.  It was an impressive weekend of learning, fun, competition and excitement for hundreds of alpaca lovers.

I'll have more pictures and information up later this week, but I wanted to post these two pictures.  There was a quiet moment in the barn one day and I wandered around with my camera.  Turning the corner of one aisle I saw this and thought, "My that's rather unusual" and took the picture.  Without thinking I took another before my brain registered the fact that this alpaca was making a run for it!

I dropped the camera and lunged for him but was too late - he was out.  I grabbed a lead and walked over to where he was checking out a couple of the ladies, clipped it on and then got him back in the stall.

It was a brief moment of freedom for young Hercules and I felt rather bad about not allowing him more time to explore.  I met his owners the next day and promised to send the photos.  They are lovely people with a farm near Woodstock.

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