April 16, 2010

Alpaca Ontario 2010 Show

What a great show!  Alpacas from across the country came to Orangeville, Ontario last weekend for the annual show and competition.  Friday was spent getting the alpacas to the grounds, registering them properly for the show, setting up stalls and displays, then (for us) enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends.  A bonus for me was that I ran into my sister-in-law who was not only dining at the same restaurant that night, but staying in the same bed and breakfast as me.  This was especially surprising because Brenda lives in Regina, SK and I didn't know she was in Ontario!

Here are some pictures of John and Sharon's alpacas and their farm display:

Alpaca Ontario did a fantastic job of organizing the different events.  It might have looked different from the inside, but from the outside everything seemed to run very smoothly.

When you consider that the show included:  the AO Annual Meeting, a handlers clinic for those showing their alpacas, incredibly coordinated showing schedules, vendors' displays, seminars, a fibre arts competition, a photo competition, an alpaca obstacle course competition, a banquet and a silent auction (I know I've forgotten some of the events), it's a testimony to the vision of a group of dedicated alpaca enthusiasts and volunteers.

Fibre Arts Competition:
The brown sweater in front (with the ribbon) was made from Rocky's fleece.

We had a lot of fun at the banquet and met some great people.

Photo Competiton:
(I will not-so-modestly point out that those 3 first-place ribbons belong to Sharon and me; the green ribbon is also Sharon's and the large purple ribbon was awarded to my photo of Jacques Cartier when he was 5 days old - it was the People's Choice winner.)

I'll put up some photos of the actual showing next week.

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