December 2, 2009

My Gift From Serena

Remember this photo?  This is Serena's raw fleece, roving and yarn. 

I brought my bag full of yarn to "Spun Fibre Arts" in Burlington ( where I met Tammie, who teaches knitting classes there on Tuesday evenings.  She had some good suggestions as to what could be created and when I saw one picture, I knew this is what I wanted. 

Here are the photos from Tammie's Flickr site of the finished product.

And here is the beautiful, soft, dreamy shawl that she made:

Here is Tammie's description of how this came about: 

"Sometime in August, Lynda came into Spun and told me about her Alpaca. She showed me the sweet thing’s first shearing yarn and asked if I could knit her up something. I was excited and agreed to help her out in the days to come.

"The project did not progress as steadily as it should have and during the weekend of my birthday I had a marathon knitting session and completed it to give it to her the next Tuesday. I credit Olga for keeping me on track on Sunday.

"All in all I loved this project and hope to recreate it for myself one day."

Thanks Tammie!

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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing the finished product. The shawl is beautiful, delicate and soft, a perfect use for Serena's first fleece.