December 7, 2009

Santa Claus Parade

Serena and I were invited to walk in Burlington's Santa Claus Parade by the Burlington Humane Society and their Pet Therapy Program.  It was such an honour and a lot of fun.  Sharon Trent from "Alpacas from Eighth and Mud" joined us and we marched through downtown Burlington enjoying the stares and smiles and waves.

Here we are just arriving on the scene.  On the right you will see what my sister calls, "The Alpacamobile".   Also, if you look closely throughout these photos, you will notice a little girl in pink.

We made some new friends while waiting on the side of the road:

Serena walked for 1.5 km and never faltered.  You can see that Sharon and I are all smiles - it was pure joy to watch everyone's reaction to seeing Serena.

The weather was perfect - about 2 degrees and dry and sunny.

The little girl in pink is my 8 year old grandaughter, Erika.  She knows a lot about alpacas and helps me out by answering peoples questions about Serena.  She knows that alpacas don't like to have their heads touched, but that Serena likes to have her neck rubbed.  She also knows that you can't have just one alpaca - they get too lonely and Erika recommends that you have three.

Thanks Erika!  And thank you to Sharon for keeping us company, thanks to Janet  for taking the pictures, thanks to Clayton for bringing Erika and Janet - and a very big thank you to Greg who made sure the van met us at the end of the parade! 

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  1. What a lovely post! My hats off to you and everyone who helps introduce people to the wonders of the alpaca. Pet therapy is such a great community outreach! Thanks for sharing.