April 24, 2009

Close Encounters

Serena ate out of my hands! It was our first physical contact and I swear she knew who I was. Okay, if I want to be honest, she knew I was something offering food to her but I'll take whatever I can get. Two days later, she did it again and I decided to use the treats to teach her to walk forward. Everytime she took a step forward, she got a treat and she learned very quickly. The treat is a small handful of her regular food. I'm going to see if she will like carrots. Last weekend Alpaca Ontario held its 8th annual full fleece halter and fibre show in Orangeville (http://www.alpacaontario.ca/shows.html). The organizers and members did a fantastic job. I entered some of my photos and was happily surprised to win a few ribbons. This picture of Dana won a second from the judges and a people's choice first runner up.

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