May 1, 2011

Alpaca Ontario 2011 Show (and the best Ring Steward in the world)

Alpaca shows rely on a lot of volunteers to ensure that events run smoothly.  Owners, handlers and alpacas can be easily stressed by what is expected of them.  One of the key volunteer roles is that of Ring Steward.

The Ring Steward works under the direction of the judge and has an incredibly responsible job.  He or she has the authority to remove unsportsmanlike exhibitors from the ring; they are in charge of and control activities in the ring; they convey the judge's directions to the exibitors and answer questions the exhibitors may have.

They also help with restraining unruly alpacas so the judge can complete the evaluation in a safe manner.  The Ring Steward also lines up the alpacas in the correct order.

I know from first hand experience how much the exhibitors depend on the Ring Stewards.  They provide a comforting presence in the ring to those of us who are inexperienced, nervous, unsure of what to do, and they offer their expertise in handling when necessary.

I witnessed a Ring Steward at the Alpaca Ontario 10th Anniversary Show a couple weeks ago who absolutely epitomizes the best of all volunteers.  Nobody in the ring was aware of what he did, except for one scared little alpaca.

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  1. That is so sweet! My heart is absolutely melting over this post and the pictures.

    -- Juli