March 30, 2011


I have been craving a pair of hand knit socks for a long time.  I'm not interested in learning to knit my own, but when I met Johanne, MK (Master Knitter), I asked if she could make me a pair.  Here she is trying to figure out what I've done wrong with the front side of an orange top I've been working on for a year. 

I didn't have to go far for the yarn.  Although it is not alpaca, John kindly provided me with a lovely heather coloured sock yarn.

It has flecks of green in it and Johanne went above and beyond in the creation of these socks - look at the pretty ruffle she added.  The green in the ruffle is from a sweater Johanne created during our knitting course.

Aren't they lovely?  I intend to wear them instead of slippers.

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