March 9, 2011

Knitting Lessons

Sharon at Alpacas from Eighth & Mud (AEM) has found a way for us to deal with the long tedium of winter while learning and socializing at the same time.

Johanne Barton is providing knitting lessons once a week to novice and experienced knitters.  Johanne is a Master Knitter - her sweaters are just incredible.  Here's a closeup of one she knit and was wearing in our last class:

And of course, it is made from alpaca - isn't it lovely?

I just learned to knit a year ago and (thanks to my mother and You Tube) have learned a lot.  But it's aggravating when you try something new and can't get the right instructions for it.  Johanne is a natural teacher and also inspires us with her knitting skills.  She's very good at breaking pattern instructions down into smaller, easy to understand sections.

And Johanne also helped me break through the fear I had in working with double-pointed needles.  Another knitting goal reached!!

Here's Sharon concentrating really hard.  She's making an incredibly beautiful jumper for a little someone special:

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