January 10, 2011

Eye to Eye and Nose to Nose

I love getting up close with the alpacas.  They're curious and not afraid to get in my face.  It was snowing hard on Saturday and I couldn't really get a sense of what I was focusing on, but these pictures came out pretty well.

(If you look closely, you can see my reflection in his eye.)

It's funny how some alpacas love standing out in the blowing snow, and some need the security of a warm, cosy barn. 

The snow started up really fast and quickly covered everyone.  I had to stop taking pictures as the camera was getting too wet.  You can see from this photo of Tina Marie's tootsies that there was some snow (and delicious hay) on the ground but not in the air:

But within minutes Lucy Maud was covered:

And so was Serena.

And here is some snow on Serena's back - isn't it beautiful?

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  1. Lynda! Lucy Maude is absolutely beautiful! I did not recognize her when I was looking at this post, she's gotten so big! It's really quite a while from July to January :)
    Hope all is well,