March 24, 2010

Norfolk 4H Visit to Eighth and Mud

On March 20th John and Sharon hosted a group of young people from the Norfolk 4H Association.  They got an introduction to natural fibres, a tour of the mill (with lots of touching -besides alpaca, they had their hands on processed silk, angora, musk ox, and dog) and a visit from Serena.  And we got to meet some interesting and inspiring kids.

Here they are looking through the window of the picker.

John is showing off a bag of musk ox (qiviut) fleece:

4H-ers at the felter.  John has been doing some amazing artwork with this machine.

Although everyone in the group has worked with alpacas, I had to bring Serena in to meet them.  Sharon let me bring her through the store and into the meeting room where everyone enjoyed maple fudge and won some prizes.

Here's Serena in the store.  John had never seen Serena "in action" before and was surprised at how interested and curious she was in everything.  "I had to check my wallet at one point," he said.

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  1. Those are some lucky kids..... Of course Serena was her usual unflappable self.