February 9, 2010

A Less than Friendly Welcome

Maggie and Serena were moved into the nursery section on Sunday.  This is the area that contains mostly moms and crias.  Poor Maggie didn't know what to make of it.   While Serena moved out to say hello to all her buddies, Maggie stood there - alone, unsure and confused.  Even the dogs ignored her.

A load of hay was placed near the wall in the sunshine and everyone enjoyed the afternoon treat.  Well - almost everyone.

Serena directed Maggie to the delicious hay, but something didn't seem quite right.....


Swiss Noir decided to show Maggie who's the boss - and hawked up a classic alpaca spit right in Maggie's kisser.  Poor Serena (standing behind Maggie) got sprayed too.

Well, there's only one thing that a sad, little alpaca girl can do to feel better after this.  A lovely roll in the dirty limestone and mud always makes one feel better.

I pointed out to Maggie that every little piece of limestone, hay, twigs and beans that gets in to her fleece has to be removed - by me.  She was so upset at hearing this that she rolled four more times. 

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